How to perform Laravel 8 CRUD Application operations

Today we will learn how to create a fundamental crud application using laravel 8. To create a basic crud application we will work in view files, controller, modal, and migration files and create routes in routes.php.

Let’s start building the first crud application in laravel 8 by setting the project using composer. Below is the command to create a laravel project using the composer.

How to perform Laravel 8 CRUD Application operations

Laravel 8 CRUD example

Then, you need to create a new database and update the .env file with your database credentials.

The next step is to, create a new migration for the table you want to use for your Laravel 8 CRUD operations. For example, if you want to create a posts table, run the below command:

In the create_posts_table migration file, define the columns for your table using the Schema facade:

Run the migration to create the posts table in your database:

Next, create a new model for your Post:

In the Post model file, define the table name and fillable columns:

Create a new controller for your CRUD operations:

In the PostController file, define the methods for each CRUD operation:

Create the views for your CRUD operations:





Finally, define the routes for your CRUD operations in routes/web.php:

Hurray !!!!!

That’s it! You now have a basic Laravel 8 CRUD example.

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